Stanley Cup Playoffs 2012

2012 Stanley Cup Playoffs: First round predictions

The Milton Sports Guy breaks down all eight NHL first round playoff series and asks for your opinions as the Stanley Cup playoffs get under way.

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Brian Burke, GM of the Toronto Maple Leafs

What Burke and Co. can take away from the Stanley Cup playoffs

Watching Jonathan Toews hoist Lord Stanley's big silver mug the other night must have been special for long-suffering Chicago hockey fans. No, not the Johnny-come-lately's, of which I'm

Chicago Blackhawks

2010 Stanley Cup Finals Preview

A Tale of Two Captains It's sunny and 30 degrees outside as Summer has almost officially arrived here in Milton and the GTA. And yet, NHL hockey is still being

Poll: Who will win the Stanley Cup?

Milton Sports Guy: Déja vu all over again

addthis_pub = 'YOUR-ACCOUNT-ID'; Detroit and Pittsburgh clash again for Lord Stanley's Mug There are a few interesting subplots to this year's final, most importantly: did Marian Hossa choose wisely? Okay, that's

Milton Sports Guy: 2009 NHL Playoff Predictions

I suppose it's been an ok season in the NHL, although honestly, isn't it just a lot more interesting when the Leafs are at least respectable? Love 'em or

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