House in hands, mortgage, home insurance

A different kind of home insurance

If an accident or illness, a disability or even death claimed one of the unique and irreplaceable people in your life, what would you do? There are some financial consequences that you could alleviate with the right insurance coverage.

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Water skiing cottage

Financing your fun

There are things you need to pay for like your home and car and there are things you may want to pay for like a cottage or boat,

Tropical vacation

Margaritas in moderation

Travel, fun, new experiences in new places, a few days in paradise.  Is that your definition of the perfect vacation?  Whatever your vacation dream might be, there’s one

Piggy Bank

Reclaim debt control – save time and money, too

If you are carrying various forms of debt and making multiple, sometimes high-interest, payments each month debt consolidation could be the best way to manage your money, your

Value of Loonie Canadian Dollar vs. American Dollar

A loonie-powered portfolio

Over the past year, the Canadian dollar – the Loonie - is doing well relative to the U.S. dollar and many other major global currencies. But for Canadians

RDSP Retirement Disability Savings Plan

Understanding the Registered Disability Savings Plan

The Registered Disability Savings Plan (RDSP), which became available to Canadians in 2008, can be a very good way to accumulate tax-deferred savings (and obtain ‘free’ matching grants/bonds)

Tax Return Canada Revenue Agency

Be an early bird and keep more of what you earn

It’s a little late to practice early tax preparation this year – but make it your practice for next year and you will keep more of what you

Are you ‘average’? Definitely not!

Here’s one dictionary definition of average:  Lacking any extraordinary, untypical, or exceptional characteristic.  Does that describe you?  Of course not – you are unique.  Yet, many Canadians will

When it makes sense to borrow for your RRSP

Loans are a part of life for most Canadians.  We take out loans to pay for our cars and our homes, for vacations, furniture and TVs.  And, at

Planning for later retirement

Planning to live longer

An old saying remarks “what a difference a day makes”. But how about ten years or even twenty?  What kind of difference would that make to your retirement

Piggy Bank

Cycling your way to a lifetime of financial fitness

Regularly riding a stationary or road cycle is a great way to stay fit.  Taking a life cycle approach to investing is also one of the best ways

Time for a portfolio check-up

Your personal health is important to you. That’s why you have periodic check-ups, follow your doctor’s recommendations on diet and exercise, and take your medications. Your financial life

Tax Return Canada Revenue Agency

Last minute tax-saving tactics in 3D

The most effective way to save the most on your personal taxes is to make tax-planning a year-round activity. But, life is life, and things – like tax-planning

Piggy Bank

A great way to save – it’s almost TFSA time again

Unless you know you’re going to win the lottery, there’s no other way around it: To achieve your retirement and other financial goals, you will have to be

Filling the caregiving gap

They cared for you and soon you may be asked to care for them. As the Boomer generation ages, many Canadians are facing the challenges of elder care

Fixed income fixation

Conservative investors typically gravitate toward ‘safe’ investments, usually fixed-income investments. But with interest rates still hovering at historic lows, conservative investors may be concerned about whether their fixed-income

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Uncover hidden investment money

Facing what seems to be a never-ending flow of day-to-day living expenses, it can appear difficult to set aside money for investing. But you know you should –

Financial planning pays off

Value – according to a pair of long-term, in depth studies by two of the country’s leading professional standards and investment organizations, that’s exactly what Canadians get when

U.S. Vacation Property

A U.S. vacation property – is it for you?

From Florida to Arizona, from California to Texas, Canadians by the carload are heading for warm weather destinations and grabbing bargain-priced vacation properties. The loonie is in good

Piggy Bank

Managing your Money: RESP answers

A Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP) is a great way to save for a child’s post-secondary education. But how you or the student beneficiary accesses those funds, what

Mortgage planning – fixed rate, variable, pre-approval?

Managing Your Money Mortgage rates are quite low right now and, in many parts of Canada, it’s a buyer’s market for residential real estate. That may have you thinking

Full credit –- tax-savers you need to know about

Managing Your Money Low, lower, lowest – to make sure you get full credit for every tax-trimmer available to you, start here. Essential items Basic personal tax credit – raised to

Refinancing your mortgage – why, how and when?

Managing Your Money You may be thinking about refinancing your mortgage. Mortgage rates are fairly low right now, so why not take advantage of them? But is that really

Making the most of what you’ve got — retirement tax planning strategies

Managing Your Money You’ve worked hard, planned carefully, saved and built your wealth – now it’s time to retire and enjoy the life you’ve dreamed about. But to be

The benefits of a tax plan -– now and in your future

Managing Your Money This fact of life probably won’t surprise you: The number one expense for nearly every Canadian is… taxes. However, it is very possible to legitimately save

PAC early to get a big jump on next year

Managing Your Money The March 1 deadline for Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP) contributions is only a few days away –- and making your maximum contribution is always one

Emotional investing -– the road to ruin

Managing Your Money It’s a fact: Emotional investing doesn’t pay, it costs. Market study after market study has clearly proved that when investors are driven by emotions – jumping into

Financial recovery from divorce

Managing Your Money Divorce happens – approximately one in three marriages now ends that way – and without the right kind of planning, the financial fallout can be devastating.

Your retirement income — how much is enough?

Managing Your Money Today’s retirees have a lot to look forward to. They are generally healthier, more active and engaged with everything their new life has to offer, and

When is the right time to invest?

Managing your Money You’ve managed to put aside a little extra cash or you’re expecting a nice tax refund and wondering what to do with the money. You’re

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