Jose Calderon and Devin Harris

Raps Wrap, where it was a streak-breaking, double overtime thriller

One night after beating the Suns for the first time since 2004, the Raptors emerged victorious in double-overtime, besting the Jazz also for the first time since 2004.

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NBA Finals 2011 preview

And then there were two. The Heat and Mavericks have blazed their way through the competition in their respective conferences and have arrived deservedly as the final two combatants

Amir Johnson Toronto Raptors

Raps Wrap, where it was a last-second victory

Up 10 after three quarters of play proved to be a most precarious lead for the young Toronto Raptors up against one of the best teams in the

Raps Wrap, where the streak is over

Unfortunately, it's not the current losing streak we're talking about, which now stands at eight and counting... Yes, the undermanned Raps lost another heartbreaker at the ACC last night

Raps Wrap, where it was a heartbreaker

Mike Bibby's three-pointer with 8.2 seconds left proved to be the dagger as the Atlanta Hawks escaped Toronto with a 104-101 win -- a crushing loss for the

Raps Wrap, where this is what a win in Cleveland looks like

Even though this year's incarnation of the Toronto Raptors currently sits in 4th place in their division with a 12-23 record, the team has recorded a couple of

Raps Wrap, where it was an easy one

And that may just be the understatement of the year. Everything on this night went right for the Raps. Look no further than their red hot shooting percentage of

Milton Scorpions Special Olympics Basketball Tournament

5th Annual Invitational Special Olympics basketball tournament including 125 athletes from the Halton and surrounding

Raps Wrap, where Reggie hit the boards

The Raptors won their fourth straight Wednesday night behind a beastly effort from Reggie Evans on the boards as well as a sizzling first half offensive performance. Evans, fourth

Raps Wrap, where Bargnani played a full game

It was the usual impressive first quarter last night from Andrea Bargnani. He put up 11 points in the frame, yet we weren't impressed. The formula for Bargnani's

Raps Wrap, where a winnable one became a blowout loss

With your 2-7 Toronto Raptors -- coming off of two decent performances in Florida -- taking on the 2-6 Washington Wizards minus star rookie point guard John Wall,

Raps Wrap, where Wade was too much

On the second night of a Florida back-to-back, the Raptors were able to hold LeBron James and Chris Bosh at bay for the most part. But not Dwyane Wade,

Raps Wrap, where it was all hustle and heart

And I suppose a clutch three-pointer by Sonny Weems with 7.1 seconds remaining helped too. The short-staffed Toronto Raptors fought their way to a scrappy 110-106 victory on the

Raps Wrap, where Stephen Jackson stole one

No seriously, he literally did. In the dying seconds with the Toronto Raptors down three, Jose Calderon swung a long cross-court pass to Andrea Bargnani hanging out as expected,

Raps Wrap, where they were just good enough to lose

In the interest of full disclosure, it was Jarrett Jack who pointed that out, not me. After going 0-4 out west, your Raptors returned home Monday night to take

Cabbie interviews Chris Bosh

NBA ushers in a new era tonight

Remember the debacle that was 'The Decision' way back in July? It seems like an eternity ago, but tonight on the parquet floor in Boston, the NBA ushers in

Croatia's version of the 'Stanford Band' incident

Did no one learn from John Belushi? "Nothing is over until we say it is!" The Croatian basketball team learned that in its title game against Serbia. In one of the

Habs win, viewers (ultimately) lose

From the Milton Sports Guy: I don't know about you, but there is indeed something exhilarating about witnessing a huge upset in Stanley Cup playoff action. Maybe it reminds us

Raps Wrap, where the Pistons are wretched

From the Milton Sports Guy: Raptors 111 Pistons 97 Let’s give the Raptors a bit of credit here though, too. Like the Bulls did the night before, Toronto came into

Raps Wrap, where it was… well, it was sad, really

From the Milton Sports Guy: Bulls 104 Raptors 88 I had a feeling yesterday's 'Battle of the Titans' was going to be a painful one. And it was -- especially if

Raps, Bulls square off in epic hardwood battle for the ages… or not

From the Milton Sports Guy: And so it all comes down to this. Sort of. It's not exactly a winner-take-all situation tonight at the ACC, but it's close. The Bulls

Raps Wrap, where Toronto has work to do

From the Milton Sports Guy: Pacers 130 Raptors 115 You could see this coming, couldn't you? Although the Raptors beat Indiana by 15 on Sunday in the front half of this

Raps Wrap, where Turk dunked thrice

From the Milton Sports Guy: Raptors 106 Knicks 104 There is the video evidence, ladies and gentlemen. According to the stats, Turkoglu dunked it all of five times last season, so

Raps Wrap, where it was a winnable one vs. the East's best

From the Milton Sports Guy: Cavaliers 108 Raptors 100 I think most Raptor fans, myself included, weren't necessarily expecting a Toronto win in Cleveland last night. Against LeBron and the

Raps Wrap, where that's what we've been waiting for

// From the Milton Sports Guy: Raptors 110 Mavericks 88 Toronto has beaten a number of the league's better teams lately, but the most impressive of these wins may just

Raps Wrap, where Toronto bounced back

// From the Milton Sports Guy: Raptors 112 Knicks 104 Fittingly, on Italian Heritage Night at the Mecca, Andrea Bargnani lit it up, pacing the Raptors to a huge win

The Bosh Chronicles, part one

From the Milton Sports Guy: The U.S.-based media has Bosh all but gone. Why don't we look at some reasons why it might actually be a smart move for

Raps Wrap, where it was a tale of two halves

From the Milton Sports Guy: Pacers 105 Raptors 101 Things looked encouraging for RaptorNation Monday night in Indiana as Toronto came out firing on all cylinders, playing some marvelous basketball

Raps Wrap, where it was a gritty win

From the Milton Sports Guy: Raptors 98 Hornets 92 The Raps won their second straight game behind some uncharacteristically stingy defense and contributions from the most unlikely of sources in

Raps Wrap, where the Nets are who we thought they were

From the Milton Sports Guy: Huskies 118 Nets 95 In fact, I think the Nets looked a little worse that who I thought they were on this night. Not much to

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