Canadian mortgage rules to change

After consulting with major Canadian lenders, Flaherty outlined the latest weapons at Ottawa’s disposal aimed at removing some of the speculative froth in the housing market.

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Emotional investing -– the road to ruin

Managing Your Money It’s a fact: Emotional investing doesn’t pay, it costs. Market study after market study has clearly proved that when investors are driven by emotions – jumping into

Financial recovery from divorce

Managing Your Money Divorce happens – approximately one in three marriages now ends that way – and without the right kind of planning, the financial fallout can be devastating.

Your retirement income — how much is enough?

Managing Your Money Today’s retirees have a lot to look forward to. They are generally healthier, more active and engaged with everything their new life has to offer, and

When is the right time to invest?

Managing your Money You’ve managed to put aside a little extra cash or you’re expecting a nice tax refund and wondering what to do with the money. You’re

Making the right investment choices?

Managing your Money One of the essential fundamentals of any financial plan is an investment portfolio. But given the many investment options available to you, how do you make

Yes — a TFSA can work for you

Managing your Money One year ago, the federal government introduced the Tax-Free Savings Account (TFSA). It has been called the single most important personal savings vehicle since Registered Retirement

It is basic, an RRSP is good for you

Managing your Money When it comes to investing and saving on taxes, you have options. Within your financial planning process, you should look at all of them and select

Renovate your cottage –- the government will help

Managing your Money Renovate your cottage – the government will help Take a renovation vacation at your cottage this year and you could enjoy a significant tax break. The Federal

Plan to get the most from your child’s RESP

Managing your Money In a few short weeks your child or grandchild may be heading off to university or college for the first time.  Of course you’re anxious about

Marriage and money – time for a financial tune-up?

// Managing Your Money Your marriage may be made in heaven, as the saying goes, but it had better be a practical union, too – especially when it

Borrowing trouble –- loans to family and friends can strain relationships

// Managing Your Money When a relative or friend calls asking for a loan, you want to help.  It’s only natural – and you’re far from alone.  A recent

Got a summer job? Here are a few financial planning tips just for you

// Managing Your Money Learning is necessary … and expensive.  But you know that.  It’s why you put in so many hours hitting the books.  And why your summer

Thinking about handing over the cottage? It could be less ‘taxing’ these days

// Managing Your Money Your vacation property has always been a prime place for family fun and enjoyment.  And you want it to continue to be your family’s happy

The pros and cons of a 40-year mortgage

The 40-year mortgage is popular with homebuyers, especially in the GTA where prices have risen sharply. Let's look at the pros and cons of extending a mortgage past the

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