House in hands, mortgage, home insurance

A different kind of home insurance

If an accident or illness, a disability or even death claimed one of the unique and irreplaceable people in your life, what would you do? There are some financial consequences that you could alleviate with the right insurance coverage.

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Milton Horticultural Society

2012 Milton and District Horticultural Society Plant Sale and Auction

All brown thumbs are welcome to attend the Milton and District Horticultural Society Annual Plant Sale and Auction is scheduled for Thursday, May 17th, 2012 at 7:00pm at

Tropical vacation

Margaritas in moderation

Travel, fun, new experiences in new places, a few days in paradise.  Is that your definition of the perfect vacation?  Whatever your vacation dream might be, there’s one

Frankie Flowers - Frank Ferragine

Springridge Farm presents: An evening with Frankie Flowers

Frank Ferragine, one of Toronto's favourite TV personalities, Gardening Expert and Weather Speciality on Breakfast TV, is coming to Springridge Farm to celebrate his new book on Tuesday,

New development new homes in Milton Ontario

Globe and Mail runs feature on Milton

It looks like the results of the 2011 census grabbed some attention outside of our fair town after all. This past Saturday, the Globe and Mail ran a

32 Dills Cr. Milton, Ontario

The Grid looks at Milton vs. Toronto real estate

Each week in The Grid's Here & There feature, the publication compares how far the real-estate dollar goes in downtown Toronto versus outlying areas less than an hour

Sarah Richardson HGTV Canada

Sarah’s coming to the suburbs

The new season of HGTV's Sarah's House airs this Tuesday, October 18th at 8pm, starring Sarah Richardson. After renovating a quaint bungalow and a farm house (not to

Fall Home Maintenance checklist

One-stop Fall home maintenance guide

It’s getting into the Fall season and every homeowner knows what this means in the months ahead: heating system check up, caulking, weatherproofing, etc. The following checklist touches

Tips on burglar-proofing your house

Statistics Canada reports that alarm systems and motion detectors have led to a steady reduction in home break-ins in recent years, they may not deter a determined thief.

Milton Horticultural Society

Milton and District Horticultural Society plant sale and auction 2011

All brown thumbs are welcome to attend the Milton and District Horticultural Society Annual Plant Sale and Auction is scheduled for Thursday, May 19th, 2011 at 7:00pm at

Heritage Workshop

Join Dr. Chris Cooper, the Editor-In-Chief of Edifice Magazine, in his do-it yourself workshop on Restoring and Repairing Your Older Home. This 4-hour workshop is an entertaining and informative discussion

House in hands, mortgage, home insurance

Mortgage vs. RRSP: What makes most sense?

It’s a question many people ask themselves as tax season approaches: Pay down the mortgage or top up the RRSP? Both are investments in the future — with mortgage

SPIS forms are ticking time bombs

Real estate boards and agents across the country continue to promote the use of the Seller Property Information Statement (SPIS), despite the fact that the disclosure form has

Fall home maintenance tips from CMHC

Your house is more than the place where you live, it's your home and your most important investment. Carrying out a regular program of maintenance and repairs can

How to green clean the mold in your shower

From What you Need: Materials Any green cleaner, our recommendations would be one of the following: water & vinegar, Bon Ami, baking soda & water, hydrogen peroxide, tea tree

The grout chore, part two

From At this point, you've used our Part I post to assess the state of your grout. Today's post is for those of you with grout in basically good

Green cleaning: the grout chore, part one

From Grout is what turns tile into a relatively waterproof surface for the walls of your bathroom or shower. Note that we said "relatively": most grout is actually designed

Some fresh ideas for welcoming new neighbours

“If strangers move into a neighbourhood, it is not only unfriendly but uncivil for their neighbours not to call on them.” — Emily Post, Etiquette: The Blue Book

Spring home maintenance checklist

Regular Maintenance is the Key Inspecting your home on a regular basis and following good maintenance practices are the best way to protect your investment in your home. Whether

Retro decor returns with a modern twist

From It's often portrayed as fickle, but home decor fashion is better described as cyclical. Every few years, a new generation discovers and falls in love with beautifully

Home Maintenance Tips for Summer

Courtesy of Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation: Protect Your Home — and Your Investment! If you're like most Canadians, your home is probably your most important investment. A regular schedule

The push toward reel mowers

From the Toronto Star: Low-tech option can mean healthier, greener lawns and less noise pollution There are few places lovelier than a still, green garden on a weekend morning in

Rich, splashy colours are in bloom for spring

From Palette includes aggressive yellow hues running from sunshine to saffron and jade green While spring colours won't flower in gardens for a few more weeks, vibrant hues are

Solar-power feed tariffs windfall for homeowners

From the Toronto Star: Ontario's power authority has proposed paying 80.2 cents for every kilowatt-hour it buys from a residential rooftop solar system. That's rich. It amounts to an 82

'Cave' men create male havens in garage, basement

From the Associated Press: Is it a refuge? A clubhouse? What is this thing, this man cave? And is it dangerous? This is what the women folk may want to

Spring home maintenance tips

From Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation: Protect your home - and your investment! If you're like most Canadians, your home is probably your most important investment. It's also the place

Winter Emergencies: Q & A

From Surviving the winter is hard enough without a major blackout, so when the power goes out, it pays to be prepared. Some advice, in case it happens again: Q:

Got old paint? Take it back to store

From Disposing of batteries, other hazardous waste easier under new plan New homeowner Sarah Daly was in a quandary over where to dispose of her half-empty paint cans. She knew

Parlour tricks for modern houses

From The seldom-used front room of your home can be a stunning study or hobby headquarters Good home design takes into account the manner in which we live our

Beat the winter blahs with a shot of colour

From Do you feel like the walls are closing in on your already limited space? Why not fight the winter blues and expand your space with colour all

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