Recycling litter in Milton, Ontario

Shutterbug: Why is it always windy on recycling day?

Geez — it’s always windy on garbage/recycling day, right? Or at least, that’s the way it seems. Scenes such as this have become a regular occurence around Milton unfortunately, as gusts of wind send the lighter items from blue boxes sailing around neighbourhoods.

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Aurora Borealis in Southern Ontario near Milton, Toronto, GTA

Shutterbug: Aurora borealis spotted in Milton

Normally only visible in northern parts of the country, many residents of Southern Ontario were treated to a spectacular light show Monday night, when the northern lights were

Springridge Farm Royal Wedding Marmalade

Shutterbug: A little bit of Milton at the Royal Wedding

I'm sure you've heard about Springridge Farm's 'Royal Marmalade' in the local news over the past few months leading up to this past Friday's Royal Wedding. Well, after a

Shutterbug: All of this for beer!

Beer fermenter #1 loaded and ready for the road. This photo comes to us from Frank DeVries of Challenger Motor Freight, charged with transporting six beer fermenters from Hamilton

Burned out house in Milton after gas explosion

Shutterbug: Burned out

I know. It's definitely not the most uplifting image we've decided to use for this latest installment of 'Shutterbug', our Milton photo blog. However, this is real life. Crappy

Shutterbug: It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s…

...actually, yes, it's a plane! Tiger Jeet Singh Public School held their Grand Opening celebration on Friday, October 22nd and 'grand' was the operative word. The photograph above captures a

Cito Gaston and Teri Van Sickle-Brown

Shutterbug: See ya, Cito

In honour of Cito Gaston managing his final game for the Toronto Blue Jays this past Sunday, we thought the photo above would be appropriate. Here, the most successful

Shutterbug: A blustery day in Milton

It was a blustery day in the 'burbs on Friday. Oh, and some kind of hot as well -- especially for late September. The 30C+ temperatures set records

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