Toronto Star believes Krantz ‘in tough’

Despite the headline stating they believe Krantz is ‘in tough’ this time around, the Toronto Star breaks down the race for Mayor of Canada’s fastest-growing town.

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Milton Mayor Gord Krantz

Champion openly backs Krantz

Whilst perusing our town's local fishwrap yesterday, I came across the paper's editorial column du jour and I have to admit to being a little surprised at what

Mike Cluett election sign

On the Campaign Trail: Political Casualties

Have you noticed the election signs around town? Of course you have. Signs of every size, shape and colour have dotted the Milton landscape in a run up

Town Hall Milton Ontario

On the Campaign Trail: Under a month to go!

Less than a month remains until arguably Milton's most competitive, interesting and important Municipal election ever takes place. The issues facing Canada's fastest growing municipality -- both current and

The MILTON Tiger Cats? Oskee-wee-wee!

After months of debate, Hamilton City Councillors finally decided earlier this week on a location for the proposed stadium for the upcoming Toronto Pan Am Games - a

Milton Fire Department

Hainey Family Fundraiser – Volunteers Needed

Tomorrow there will be a fundraiser to raise money for the Hainey family, who lost their Bonin Cr. home from a fire early last Saturday morning. They are

Milton Town Hall

On the Campaign Trail: June 15, 2010

On the Campaign Trail is a regular feature on's Milton Blog, focused on connecting Milton residents to the candidates for Town Council and their platforms. The Municipal

Corner of Derry and Trudeau in Milton Ontario

Milton Urban Planning Fails: Beautification

Recently, local blogger and candidate for Milton Town Council in Ward 8, Zeeshan Hamid has strung together a series of posts discussing the 'beautification' or lack thereof, in

Town hall revamp reinvents past for Milton’s future

In today's Toronto Star, Urban Issues and Architecture writer Christopher Hume wrote a piece on Milton's new Town Hall expansion. And get this: shockingly, there was nary a mention

How to get the 905 to love road tolls

Jim Tovey's article today in the Toronto Star's Your City My City section had an interesting take on the concept of toll roads in Toronto. I've always had a

Poll: Which name would you have chosen?

Comments on this story are

Poll: Your thoughts on the name 'Tiger Jeet Singh Elementary School'

Comments on this story are

Tiger Jeet Singh Elementary School — your thoughts?

Well, Halton District School Board Trustees voted yesterday to name Milton's newest elementary school after a former WWE wrestler. That wrestler just happens to be one of Milton's most

Milton Town Council Meetings should be streamed

From Zeeshan Hamid: Continue reading "Web-stream these meetings already!" You can read Zeeshan Hamid's blog here Comments on this story are

Did you get 'the phone call?'

At 5:00 am this past Saturday morning, the phones rang out at the offices of, waking everyone from their slumber. The reason for this 5am wake-up call? Well,

Don’t leave your cars running

From Mike Cluett: As a few residents of the area found out last week, its not a good idea to leave the cars running to warm up in the

The future of boys

Many have spent decades trying to address the barriers to women in education and in business. And in spite of the progress, there is more to be done. At

Did the store overcharge you? No need to fret

In many cases, that error is worth $10 Many shoppers simply aren't aware that there is indeed something you can do if you are incorrectly charged for an item

Jim Kenzie's Top 10 ways to fix the roads

From Wheels' top correspondant Jim Kenzie, gives his top prescription for fixing the roadways Why are our roads so bad? We are constantly being told by our government that we

Uproar in Milton over increased development charges passed on by Mattamy

The popular Hawthorne Villager forums are glowing red hot this week as many soon-to-be residents of brand new Mattamy-built homes received their much-anticipated letters from Mattamy announcing details

Boyne Survey: "They have to have someplace to live"

An intersting story in this weekend's Champion on Milton's development from the 'other' side. Farmer Hugh Beaty describes the development approaching his Omagh farm as "they have to

The One Million Dollar Wall

Mike Cluett Mike Cluett's Milton Blog Below is a letter to the editor from Andrew Goodwin about the $1 MILLION glass wall for the new Milton Town Hall. I've

Mattamy Homes: Between Bricks and a hard place

It looks like the times they-are-a-changin' in Mattamy land: As new home sales slip into a deep freeze, even Canada's No.1 house builder is having to remodel Peter Gilgan shuffles

Message to McGuinty: Address the 905 Gap

We couldn't have said this any better. An editorial from today's Toronto Star: Surging population growth is widening an already serious gap in hospital funding in the regions surrounding Toronto.

Are they nuts?!

Mike Cluett Mike Cluett's Milton Blog As many readers to my blog know, I have been supportive of the Region of Halton’s efforts to get the provincial government to provide

Town Council to discuss tax increase

Mike Cluett Mike Cluett's Milton Blog As reported today, Milton Town Council will be discussing a potential tax increase of 5.6 per cent on December 8th.  One can only hope that

Smitherman ignoring Halton's needs

Mike Cluett Mike Cluett's Milton Blog Ontario's Energy and Infrastructure Minister George “Future Toronto Mayor” Smitherman says that Halton's growing pains “aren’t unique” and cant promise any additional funding. He

Is the Thompson Road nightmare almost over?

After enduring years of pain and agony in the form of Thompson Road between Derry and Main Streets - can if finally be almost over??  That's the way it

Have you taken Milton Transit?

Mike Cluett Mike Cluett's Milton Blog Did the Town of Milton suffer from the “chicken and the egg” syndrome?  Did they spend millions of dollars unnecessarily to get brand new

Time to expand Greenbelt?

Mike Cluett Mike Cluett's Milton Blog With the changes that are being made and expanding the province's green belt (ie. "cant build here" legislation) it could definitely throw a monkey

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