Movie Reviews: September 25, 2009

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Movie Reviews: September 18, 2009

Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs (PG), 3 stars (out of 4) Hungry for some good old family-friendly entertainment? Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs should fit the bill

Movie Reviews: September 11, 2009

Whiteout (18A), 1.5 stars (out of 4) Carrie Stetko, the lone U.S. Marshal assigned to Antarctica, investigates the continent's first murder, which draws her into a shocking mystery. Now, with

Movie Reviews: September 4, 2009

Extract (18A), 1.5 stars (out of 4) A flower extract plant owner deals with workplace issues and a stream of bad luck, including his wife's affair with a gigolo. Although

Movie Reviews: August 21, 2009

Inglourious Basterds (14A), 3.5 stars (out of 4) Grammatically challenged, factually unhinged and too long for its own good, Quentin Tarantino's Inglourious Basterds nevertheless soars thanks to a glorious performance from multilingual

Movie Reviews: August 7, 2009

District 9 (14A), 3.5 stars (out of 4) Alien refugees, the last survivors of their home world, arrive on Earth and are set up in a makeshift home in South

Movie Reviews: July 31, 2009

G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra (PG), 1 star (out of 4) If nothing else, this exercise in ballistic bathos sets to rest the theory about chimps with typewriters being

Movie Reviews: July 24, 2009

G-force (PG), 3 stars (out of 4) The critters get all the laughs. This is how it should be, although there is something disturbing and creepy about the adenoidal voice

Movie Reviews: July 17, 2009

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (PG), 3 stars (out of 4) The sixth Harry Potter movie is at once more realistic and less wondrous. Gone are many of the

Movie Reviews: July 10, 2009

Brüno (18A), 2.5 stars (out of 4) Sacha Baron Cohen follows up 2006's Borat: Cultural Learnings of America to Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan by calling upon yet another of his

Movie Reviews: July 3, 2009

Moon (14A), 3.5 stars (out of 4) Acknowledging his influences while boldly going his way, British video director Duncan Jones makes his feature debut with a terrific sci-fi thriller that

Movie Reviews: June 19, 2009

The Proposal (PG), 2.5 stars (out of 4) When high-powered book editor Margaret faces deportation to her native Canada, the quick-thinking exec declares that she's actually engaged to her unsuspecting

Movie Reviews: June 12, 2009

Imagine That (G), 2.5 stars (out of 4) Imagine That is a family-friendly popcorn muncher that reminds us of two things: imagination is a wondrous thing, and while adults are

Movie Reviews: June 5, 2009

The Hangover (14A), 3 stars (out of 4) After a Las Vegas bachelor party that goes horribly awry, a trio of groomsmen must sift through a series of clues to

Movie Reviews: May 29, 2009

Easy Virtue (PG), 2 stars (out of 4) This film is somewhat like the Whittaker country estate where the story is set; full of gorgeous architecture and sightlines but a

Movie Reviews: May 22, 2009

Terminator Salvation (14A), 1.5 stars (out of 4) Terminator Salvation is less a sequel Terminator film than it is a kind of Post-Apocalypse Now, and an amalgam of about a

Movie Reviews: May 15, 2009

Angels & Demons (14A), 2 stars (out of 4) It's a funny thing about Dan Brown's books. They read like screenplays, with brisk chapters, constant action and even authorial suggestions

Movie Reviews: May 8, 2009

Star Trek (PG), 4 stars (out of 4) This is the Star Trek true fans have been missing, but barely dared hope for: a return to the original characters, in

Movie Reviews: May 1, 2009

X-Men Origins: Wolverine (PG), 2.5 stars (out of 4) This film has the Achilles' heel common to most superhero origin tales: So much time is expended on the origin part

Movie Reviews: April 24, 2009

Fighting (14A), 2 stars (out of 4) Rock musician-turned-director Dito Montiel fails to make much of a fist with his second feature, though he deserves points for trying to add

Movie Reviews: April 17, 2009

Sugar (14A), 3 stars (out of 4) The title character is a cocky kid from San Pedro de Macoris who, at the age of 19, attracts the interest of big-time

Movie Reviews: April 10, 2009

Observe and Report (18A), 1.5 stars (out of 4) There are many coincidental similarities between this film and Paul Blart: Mall Cop. But while the latter is funny, engaging and even

Movie Reviews: April 3, 2009

Adventureland (14A), 3 stars (out of 4) Despite its theme-park setting and emphasis on getting stoned, drunk and crotch punched, Greg Mottola's Adventureland is an uncommonly temperate coming-of-age comedy. The understated humour

Movie Reviews: March 27, 2009

Monsters vs. Aliens (G), 3 stars (out of 4) Do not adjust your senses, or remove your funny spectacles. You are about to return to the 1950s, through the medium

Movie Reviews: March 20, 2009

Polytechnique (14A), 3.5 stars (out of 4) Quebec's Denis Villeneuve doesn't attempt to answer the "why" question in Polytechnique, his skilfully devastating account of Dec. 6, 1989, when gunman Marc Lépine

Movie Reviews: March 13, 2009

Crossing Over (14A), 2 stars (out of 4) Harrison Ford stars as a veteran agent for the U.S. department of Immigration and Customs Enforcement who gets swept away by sympathy

Movie Reviews: March 6, 2009

Watchmen (18A), 3.5 stars (out of 4) Against considerable odds, Zack Snyder has directed a movie version of the apocalyptic 1980s comic satire by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons that

Movie Reviews: February 27, 2009

Jonas Brothers: The 3D Concert Experience (G), 3 stars (out of 4) With three different Jonas Brothers to choose from, who can possibly have a favourite? Disney's latest concert flick

Movie Reviews: February 20, 2009

Ce qu'il faut pour vivre (The Necessities of Life) (PG), 3.5 stars (out of 4) A gentle yet moving story that is as much about white Canada's bureaucratic paternalism toward

Movie Reviews: February 13, 2009

Confessions of a Shopaholic (PG), 2 stars (out of 4) Isla Fisher shows a continued flair for physical comedy coupled with a sweet and sassy style. Based on the bestseller

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