RECO suspends registration of Brekland Realty Group

Brekland Realty

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  1. Upset says:

    Everywhere I look I find articles about Brekland Reality but I have yet to find anything about RBL Capital. Jason Laramee was the owner of both companies. RBL Capital was a large company, motagages, investments, etc. Thousands of people have lost there money aprox. 9 million from what I understand. There is a meeting on the 21st the verify that we have all lost what we have worked so hard to get. As well as this the company seems to be still up and running with another person heading the organization. So they are starting all over again taking money from innocent people. If the people knew what was going on I doubt that they would be handing there money over to these people.

  2. discosam says:

    Actually, RBL Capital Corp, the company that handled the investments is no longer operating as he has declared bankrupcy for that company. RBL INC is a mortgage company and has nothing to do with the investment side of his business and is run by a different person. There are lots of rumors spreading and people speaking without knowing all of the facts…please don’t contribute to it, as innocent people will be painted with the same brush.


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