Councillor Lambert in hot water again

Tony Lambert Milton Ontario

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  1. More details in Mississauga News says:–councillor-pleads-guilty-to-drunk-driving

    HE HIT ANOTHER CAR AND FLED THE SCENE!!!!! He could have killed someone!!!! RESIGN!!!!

    A Halton Region councillor nabbed by Peel Regional Police during the holiday RIDE campaign in Mississauga last Saturday has pleaded guilty to drunk driving and related charges.

    Tony Lambert, who also serves as a Town of Milton councillor, was given a one-year driving suspension and fined $1,000 after pleading guilty to operating a motor vehicle while impaired by alcohol and failing to provide a breath sample.

    Lambert was charged after a crash involving two cars near Cawthra Rd. and Eastgate Pkwy. Two other charges — fail to remain at the scene of an accident and fail to comply with bail conditions — were withdrawn.
    Lambert told the Milton Canadian Champion he has no plans to step down as councillor.

    “This has no impact on my job. It’s an error I made in not knowing the law better, which I take responsibility for and I’m apologizing for,” he said.
    Lambert, former chair of the Milton Community Policing Committee, still faces assault and other charges that are currently before the courts in Halton.

  2. kanawo says:

    Tony Lambert I hope you will find the time to address my questions:

    1. Recently, you published your news letter promoting safe community, how are you living by example for our young people as a Councillor if you were under the influence of alcohol whiles driving?
    2. You mentioned in your response that you did not know the law better. Can you please explain how you were leading as a chair for Milton Policing committee?
    3.In your news letter, you declared that, on Sunday August 21st 2011, you held your annual golf tournament and raised $21,000. You mentioned that, all proceeds went to women’s shelter in town Halton Women’s Place and Fig Tree Foundation. Can you please come clean as to how much you donated to each of the 2 charities. Because your story lines about your charges are not adding up, I am curious about the monies you raised whether indeed it did go to the 2 charities. As you answer the questions, know that the media will be interested in your answers, because they have their way of investigating.

    I will appreciate a response to my questions.

    Thank you.

  3. Tania Gavey says:

    I feel sorry for all the people in Milton that elected this idiot to represent them….I would be furious & embarrassed. I dated Tony for 2 yrs just to find out that he cheated on me with numerous women on numerous occasions. My heart goes out to his beautiful & sweet little girl Azalee. Tony, I just want to say, there was no excuse for any of this to happen & at the age of 43….you should know better. I hope this has taught you a good hard lesson & maybe you should start thinking about your daughter instead of yourself the next time you want a drink.

  4. Uknown says:

    Dear people who commented, I know Tony well and I have to say, he has changed. Even though he might have done bad things in the past, he has learned from them and again he has changed. Also about his daughter, she did not get hurt and I know she is doing very well. He has not drunk since the last time I saw him, and it WAS a few years ago.

    Thank you for your time,

  5. Uknown says:

    Dear people,
    Has it ever occurred to you that what you comment on the internet has an impact on the person that is the spotlight of this commotion. I understand what this is like for the family. When I was a couple years old, my uncle was sent to a mental asylum. I never understood until I had my parents explain it to me when I was 8 years old. He abused my aunt, the sweetest woman in the world and his 3 loving children. Not too long ago my aunt passed away the hits caused her severe brain damage and she sadly passed away. After this experience, my parents always remind me that you always have to be careful with people. So I can tell who are good people and who are bad people. I can honestly say that Tony has made mistakes, but I have personally heard from Azalee herself that he has changed and I am 100% behind her. Watch what you post next time in the internet.


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