Why are we putting hazardous waste into our drinking water, again?

Water fluoridation in Milton and Halton

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  1. Kevin says:

    Curious, what does the American Dental Association, Health Canada, World Health Organization, US CDC (Centre for Disease Control) say about fluoride?? Oh right, they all say it’s safe and beneficial

    Btw check your facts about American dental association –> http://www.ada.org/4052.aspx#safe

    • Old Miltonian says:

      Let me guess, Kevin still thinks Lee Harvey Oswald shot JFK…. News flash: not everything the government tells you is necessarily true.

    • thenay says:

      Quite simply, the pro-fluoridation argument is flawed.

      There is no study that shows definitively there is a benefit from drinking fluoridated water. Most of Europe is non-fluoridated and guess what – they have the exact rates of tooth decay as North America! That fact alone makes this a no-brainer!

      If everything is equal, why wouldn’t we want to err on the side of caution and keep as many chemicals as possible OUT of our drinking water?

  2. Cutter says:

    The pro-fluoride gang will try to dredge up bogus stats on the effectiveness of DRINKING fluoride… What is the benefit of consuming it?? It is meant to be applied directly to the teeth – drinking it can only potentially be harmful to your body.

    Milton is the perfect example for the rest of Halton on this matter – half of the town is non-fluoridated, half is fluoridated. And yet, there is no mention anywhere of a statistic or article stating how all of ‘Olde Milton’s’ teeth are falling out of their heads because they’re not drinking fluoridated water vs. everyone in ‘New Milton’ having a perfect dental record.

    Our son was raised in ‘Olde Milton’ – tons of cavities. Our daughter was raised in ‘New Milton’ – tons of cavities. The fluoridated water provided absolutely no benefit to my daughter. The main reason for tooth decay or cavities: whether you brush and floss regularly, not whether you have ‘consumed’ enough fluoride.

  3. Editor says:

    Thanks for all of the comments on both sides of this argument.

    What bothers me most is the fact that people instantly label the ‘anti-fluoride’ group as tin-foil hat-wearing, quack, conspiracy theorists without taking a moment to use common sense or look at the stats (namely, what they aren’t telling you — that fluoridated water has any sort of advantage at all).

    I’m of the opinion that the anti-fluoridation movement is more mainstream now than ever. A few ‘quack conspiracy-theorist types’ — the ‘vocal minority’ if you like — would never have convinced two cities such as Waterloo, ON and Calgary, AB to remove fluoride from their drinking water. You have to assume both sides made their arguments and common sense politicians and officials made the correct (read: common sense) call in both cities.

    Here’s hoping Milton Mayor Gord Krantz follows suit — I hear through the grapevine that he is very much anti-fluoride.

    Also, nice comment from ‘Cutter’ — Milton is the perfect example for the rest of Halton Region — a real-life, real-time example of fluoridated vs. non-fluoridated water where, not surprisingly, no one has ever noticed or recorded any discernable difference.

    What ‘thenay’ said above is perfect: in this day and age, we should absolutely be looking to keep our drinking water as chemical-free as possible. The money and resources spent on fluoridating water can be better spent on flossing/toothbrushing programs — ie. something that will make a real difference in reducing tooth decay and cavities. Now that’s a movement I can get behind!

  4. Roselle Doyle says:

    I agree with this article 100%…. putting fluoride in the water MUST stop.

  5. cactus jack says:

    The fluoride conspiracy goes waaaay back to the 50’s where industrial companies needed someplace to dispose of their toxic waste which happened to be high in fluoride.

    This waste was too toxic to be disposed of in the environment but the brilliant minds in the dental industry noticed some town in the middle of nowhere that had a decent record of dental health — coincidentally, their water supply happened to have a slightly higher level of naturally-occurring fluoride. And the brilliant minds connected two dots that never should have been.

    As with all of these conspiracies, you need to “follow the money” as they say. Big businesses in the industrial sector are able to a) dispose of their waste easily and legally, and b) make big bucks while doing so.

    And so, are we really surprised the Government and Canadian/American Dental Associations are so ‘pro’ fluoride?

    The fact that there are many dentists like Dr. Osmunson now coming out against this practice is very telling. The rest of the article and comments are 100% bang on here — nice article and thanks for posting.

    • Editor says:

      Thanks for your comments, Cactus Jack. That ‘brief history of fluoridation’ is basically what I was aware of as well.

      The fact is, there are some practices we humans decide on from time to time with good intentions and it behooves us to go back and review some of these decisions as time goes on and new discoveries/findings come to light.

      Remember when smoking was 100% acceptable pretty much anywhere (including the workplace) until the 1990’s? It seems ridiculous now — fortunately we as a society ‘got smart’ and started looking more closely at smoking in general and the health consequences.

      I think we’ll eventually come to our senses re: fluoride (and ‘catch up’ to the rest of the world on this one).

      In ten or twenty years, we’ll look back saying “we put WHAT in our drinking water for all those years?!”.

  6. Knave says:

    Well, fluoridation stays for the new half of town for the foreseeable future:


    At least our reps Krantz, Lambert and Best voted against it but the Burlington/Oakville councillors were swayed by the so-called ‘evidence’.

  7. snoop says:

    Note that the statements above ascribed to “cactus jack” and “knave” almost certainly are usernames taken from the hawthorne village website, two users that are decidely pro-fluoride. Neither of the above statements represents their position… and while usernames are certainly not owned, their use above is a little disingenious.

    In particular, I am “knave”, and I certainly did not write the above 🙂

    • Editor says:

      Hi Snoop,

      We noticed the same thing, actually. Our commenters are prompted to input their own usernames, so you’re going to get this sort of thing happening.

      You’re right, those usernames are not owned exclusively by those folks across the entirety of the interwebs, but thanks for coming on to note there is no connection (in this case) between these views and those of the above namesakes on the Villager boards.


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