New Milton high school has a name

New Milton high school ground breaking

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  1. sunnier says:

    Many are crying foul re: the naming of the school after a non-Miltonian, especially in light of Mike Ledwith’s name being brought forward and eventually voted down.

    Apparently Ledwith is a former Mayor of Milton. That’s great, but you have to remember that even though this may be a big deal to most adults in town, high school students aren’t generally inspired by politicians. I know I sure wasn’t at that age. Perhaps if his family could have been bothered to show up and discuss his public service and accomplishments, he would have garnered more support.

    I’m happy to see that the students who fought for Craig’s name did so very passionately – he is obviously an inspiration to them and if there really is this kind of support for him amongst the students of E.C. Drury, then I think that is great, no matter where he lives. Good on the students for wanting to have a hand in shaping the legacy of the school for themselves and future students – I don’t think that’s a bad thing.

  2. Bee says:

    Awsome! I understand some people are a little upset that the school isn’t named after a Mitonian but I’m an actual student that’s going there and i could not be more happy to go to a school named after my hero. I have personally idolized him since i was 10.


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