Milton music teacher charged with sexual assault

Halton Regional Police

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  1. Anonomous says:

    He was my grade 6 music teacher, its about time he got charged. He tried to do things with all the girls in the school, but no one believe us.(the students)

  2. fellow music teacher says:

    He worked at an Acton school 5-6 years ago where the same thing happened! Its about time something is done!

  3. Annonymous says:

    I KNEW IT! I had him for music when he was in Acton 5-6 years ago and he would always do creepy things! I knew there was something sketchy about him. I mean, why do you need to ask a student to come out of their current class to meet you in a room, just the two of you to tell them “your reed is a little old and squeaking, you need a new one” (he did that to some of my classmates). Like seriously it’s just abnormal, and the parents wouldn’t believe anyone! We students actually started a petition to fire him, and the principal told us to stop or we would all get suspended! I’m glad he’s finally getting convicted!

  4. Anonymous says:

    I don’t think anybody that had him as a teacher in Acton will be surprised at this at all, there were always rumours but teachers wouldn’t take them seriously. I guess this is a lesson learned.

  5. msb graduates says:

    you creepy ****, its about time.
    love the graduates of msb.

  6. brassman says:

    I KNEW IT! he always was very creepy towards me at band practice…*shudders*

  7. Joe says:

    I am in no way condoning what this man has been charged with, and I have never met him. But I have two points here:

    1) In Canada, one is innocent untill proven guilty. It is the foundation of our justice system. Until he is CONVICTED we must treat him as such. I know this is difficult given the seriousness of the charges. If he was charged 5-6 years ago in Acton, he must not have been convicted or then he would not have been allowed to continue teaching (ie: he was found innocent).

    2) If you have substaniated evidence that this man is a sex-offender, speak to the police or the Crown attorney. But former students posting anonymous comments that he was “creepy” is essentialy a form of cyber-bullying. His weird behaviour may indicate a social deficite, but doesn’t mean that he is a molester.

    By releasing his name and where he lives to the public, he has already been given a “trial by media”. Even if found innocent he will always be hounded by these rumours. If he’s guilty, then he should be persicuted to the maximum extent that our far-to-leanient justice system allows.
    My point here is, let’s put down the torches and pitchforks (for now) because at this point the only people who really know are the victim(s?) and Mouradian.

  8. Editor says:

    Of course he’s innocent until proven guilty but commenters absolutely have the right to comment on their experiences/feelings etc. here.

    Cyber-bullying?? Too bad. This guy obviously hasn’t been an angel to be accused and CHARGED with these crimes.

    Let’s hope Principals start listening to students’ complaints and taking them more seriously from now on. If the alleged incidents years ago were dealt with properly and thoroughly at the time, fewer students would have had to deal with this clown and put up with this crap in school.

    Innocent until proven guilty, yes, but the fact that he has been charged with some despicable acts is a little more than simply being accused.

  9. msb graduate says:

    joe – he didnt get charged when he was in the Acton school because no one believe us when we told him what happened.. they just brushed it off like it was nothing. but i knew the girl that he did it too, and she is devisated because of all this. not only did he do it to the girl in acton but he had the guts to do it to another girl.. totaly sick. that is all i have to say about him. how could you do that to anyone.. teachers are supposed to be people that we trust and go to with anything. but to have this happen to a student im not able to trust my teachers as much as i did back than.. he deserves everything that is coming his way.

  10. Sofie says:

    It is painful to think of the devastation that these young victims endure for many, many years. Yet, I can’t help but think about the perpetrator being a victim too. Many who have counselled such people agree that most are not doing it out of evil intent but sadly compensating for things in their life they are not even aware of. Some have been abused themselves and don’t even have the memory recall for it. Whatever the reason, it does not excuse the behaviour. Nonetheless, wouldn’t it be better to help such people rather then cast them away?

  11. This freak was my grade 7 music teacher . I play the bass and one day he came over to me and says your bass seems a bit out of tune , so he gets behind me and tunes it and as he was reaching over my head to tune it he started rubbing his crotch on my back !!!! I knew he was a psyco perverted rapist right at that moment , I hope he ends up in jail !

  12. W.I.D Graduate of 2009 says:

    I remember Mr. Mouradian. Temper around guys who didn’t listen, had his personal favourites. He was my Grade 6 & 8 music teacher at W.I.D. I was always playing the Clarinet in his class. I’m not sure if anyone in this forum knows this, but a couple years back he told one of his students in one of his classes that ‘Todd’ was a “waste of time and space” because he didn’t do anything and disrespected him. Mr. Mouradin got suspended for that. He was always nice to me, and wanted me to perform first when it came to tests.

    From my personal experience, he made the girls to go to the back of the classroom (the stage in the gymnasium) almost every class, especially when the gym was very cold. There were only 6 of us. I didn’t know for sure that something was wrong, but he made 5 girls go to the back, and left the other girl, (not to be offensive, but she was a bit unattractive at the time) with the guys. He always checked up on us every 5-10 minutes and kept saying to me and the others, “You’re doing an amazing job girls, keep it up.” Anyway, he isn’t my teacher anymore and thank god he didn’t do anything sexual towards me.

    • kayla jan.. says:

      omg you totally just described the same thing i went through. you realized that he took all the hot girls to the back of the gym like i did. hes a freak!

  13. kandid says:

    He used to be my music teacher as well. Omg how creepy W.I was always a creepy school I never liked it or any of the teachers so glad I left after grade 6

  14. MSB Student says:

    at MSB he pulled me into the back room to show me a broken chair, he said he wanted me to monitor the back room when people were getting their instruments during band. I didn’t think anything of it until one of the times he tried hugging me. I ran out the emergency door (I knew the alarm didn’t work on it). Another time he touched my ass while walking by. Another time I was at my locker getting ready to go home and he asked me to go upstairs to look at a broken clarinet, I knew something wasn’t right. I didn’t know why he cared to show me. I said I was too busy and had to get home. Another time when I was walking home after a club he drove by me in his van, I didn’t really care about that but then when I crossed the main road and headed down my quiet neighbourhood he drove by me again. I knew he lived in Mississauga so why was he driving by me on a residential street he would have no reason to go down this street and its not that hard to get lost in Acton… glad he is charged it has bothered me to this day I had to get expensive and extensive therapy. I am still not over it but I did feel some peace when he finally got arrested. I hope he is still in jail. Too bad he had to hurt someone else before he finally got charged though… should have happened the first time he touched the first girl!

  15. Steven Seeds says:

    What happened to the basic premise of the Canadian justice system – innocent until proven guilty? In addition, if everything these people have posted is true why did the not come forward…..does the fact that they remained silent make them guilty of aiding and abetting crime ?

  16. MSB grad says:

    Steven Seed – when the situation happened with me I didn’t stay silent. I told my mom the next day and she called the police right away. I spent hours at the police station making statements, having to answer the same questions over and over again. In the end they looked at me and told me I was lying. We went to the principles, teachers everything. No one believed us. It’s devastating that it happened to more people. Just when I thought I could try to forget about it and try to heal is when he was charged at the school in Milton. Do you know how much guilt I’ve held inside me all these years? If only the police, teachers and principals believed the students back than none of this would happen again. In the end hopefully police officers, teachers and principals have the decency to believe kids when they say things like this has happened. Teachers are people we are supposed to trust. How can parents send their kids to school thinking they’ll be safe if these types of things are happening constantly.


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