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Mike Holmes Inspection Team

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  1. Diane Honkanen says:

    I noticed the lack of a drain in my second floor laundry room too when we moved in 5 years ago in our 2800 sq. ft. Hawthorne Village, Bessy Trail, Milton home. Mattamy said they wouldn’t put one in, even retrofit… but they said the next section of housing they were building down the street would all have floor drains. I was upset that wasn’t going to help me! Other house builders have included drains in their homes which I pointed out to Mattamy. I understand that the floor would have to be sloped but they refused to take up the tile and build it! I’ve had 2 flooding problems and the water seeped through the perimeter floor wood and caused ceiling staining in my front hall ceiling. Both floods were caused from the washing machine hose ill-fitted into the drain; my problem I suppose, but nevertheless a drain would have helped. I have a plastic pan under the w.m. but it’s not a great help. Some people say to replace your washing machine after 7 years if you have no drain. What I’m really concerned about is the lack of a ceiling fan in the laundry room. I never use the hot water; and I have to open the window. Mattamy are such perfectionists, I wonder if all the houses around me also have this oversight. I’m now trying to arrange a retrofit ceiling fan that Mattamy won’t do. The lack of having one won’t be a selling point when I sell. I was wondering if maybe Mattamy did the duct work for one but forgot to put the fan in? :/ But it looks like they never planned for one! I wonder how much the fan installation is going to cost me? Lowest estimate is $300-$400 minimum for the fan (incl. moisture censor) and duct work to the outside. Mattamy could have done this in a shake when building. I wonder if I can send them the bill?… is this mandatory in building construction?
    I watch the show too and I appreciate the above post you made. Thanks.

  2. Ricardo says:

    I bought my house six years ago believing in the award of “best builder” I wonder how the worst builder is, I regret, my house is falling apart with only six years old, I have paid for fixing the roof several times, ducts are not built properly and the bathroom was leakin over the kitchen through the tiles upstairs due to holes in the grout. Definitely no more MATTAMY


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