Government of Canada invests in jobs in Milton

Canada's Economic Action Plan

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  1. Craig Gamache says:

    I have watched this building be “restored” …….. when looking at the finished product it would have been more merciful to have just destroyed the building. While it may have historic signifigance it had little architectural worth. A project to make ppl in townhall feel that they were doing a “heritage” good deed. The results are absolutely horrifying……. the expense was exhorbitant…..and the town is trying to rent out space which is hidden at the back of a parking lot………. good for offices where no one has to meet a client. Also for some unknown reason the roofline was not straightened and left looking banana shaped. This town’s attitude towards architecture remains in the 40’s…………

  2. Editor says:

    Thanks for your comments, Craig.

    I saw a video clip from the grand re-opening last week and was trying to figure out exactly what/where this building/reno is… Hugh St. shows up as the east side of Town Hall so this building must indeed be in the adjacent parking lot to the north of Town Hall — and I agree, not exactly a marquee site for an office.

    I have to think these funds could have been spent on a better or more visible location in Downtown Milton — I find it strange that our government is trumpeting this as such a great success when it’s not even a building that is visible from either Main or one of the other major streets all that well — it’s in a parking lot!

    That being said, I know with the EAP projects, the funding was granted based on ‘shovel-ready’ projects — this one was probably ready to go and so the Town hopped all over the stimulus money. It is my understanding that this is what happened with the new Arts & Entertainment Centre… there’s no way that building should have been constructed at Main/Thompson (IMHO), however a little birdie told me that land was available and the Town had to put it there to take advantage of the stimulus money being generously thrown around by the Harper government…

  3. I actually like the final result, and I would rather have seen them do this than watch it torn down. And I love that Bang! Creative is in there – that’s exactly the kind of business we need more of here.

    That being said, I have never understood how this qualifies as “infrastructure”. It’s an office building – a tiny one at that – that cost nearly half a million to renovate, with half of that coming from the Town. But why is the Town using public money to buy and lease office space to private companies? Are we in the landlord business now? Yes, Bang! has hired a few people, but it’s not like they wouldn’t have moved to Milton if this particular building hadn’t been available.

    I can’t help but think the Town was scrambling to come up with some small project to suck up every last drop of Federal money and this was all they could come up with. Surely there are other uses that money could have been put to that would have benefited the public more.

  4. Editor says:

    Good point, Jennifer re: the Town being in the ‘landlord business’ and as a ‘creative guy’ (Creative Director at the local creative firm Orbit Studios for 15+ years), it is kinda cool to see a company like Bang! in that location.

    The ultimate conclusion is as you pointed out – the Town needed a small, ready-to-go project to take advantage of the full amount of $$ available from the Feds. For what was spent on this project, I have no doubt that with a little foresight and better planning, that money could have been put towards something that would have benefitted more people (ie. renovations at a different / larger / more prominent location that could have resulted in even more jobs).

  5. Lurker says:

    This whole Economic Action Plan is just your Federal (Minority) Government looking to buy votes in the next election, hence the fancy logo, prominent signage and announcements in the media.

    I work for a government agency and if you knew what the costs were behind simply the administration and production of only the SIGNAGE for all of the EAP reno projects, your head would spin.

    I don’t blame Milton or any other Municipality for wanting to take advantage of these handouts.


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