Lambert seen as the face of change in Milton

Tony Lambert Milton Ontario

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  1. “Lambert, who is proud that fast-growing Milton elected an Afro-Canadian councillor”…….

    He may be proud but he was not the first…….. Mary Long was first elected in 1989.

  2. Jeff Hines says:

    I received a newsletter from Mr. Lambert over the weekend that outlined his “progressive” ideas to tackle the parking problem in Milton. His ideas are far from progressive; allowing people to park on the street is no solution at all. One needs only look to other communities in the GTA that have street parking to see the blight that stains their neighbourhoods. I actually contacted Mr. Lambert to voice my opinion, and to his credit he promptly returned my call. However, after speaking with him I do feel that he is not well researched on this topic.

    My opinion is that by allowing street parking you encourage multi-generational families to reside in homes that are simply not designed to accommodate that many people; this is supported by both building code and fire code. This affects community safety and our property values. Families need to select their housing to their needs, not change the rules to allow for their situations.

    I challenge anyone who opposes my view of street parking to find me one community that currently has street parking that is well received by the community. Also, look at the neighbourhoods with street parking; has this “solution” improved the image of the neighbourhood? The answer is no.

    In short all homes in our area have the ability to park at least 3 cars (garage, driveway, and across the bottom of the driveway), many families choose to widen their driveways to accommodate even more cars. By allowing street parking you will be inviting even worse challenges than that of fitting cars into driveways. Strange cars parked in front of your house, people from other areas parking on your street, blocked snow removal, and so forth. Do some research; Google parking problems and you will be overwhelmed by the number of communities that have been changed for the worse for allowing street parking.

    Mr. Lambert said to me during our conversation that he did not provide both sides to this debate when he canvassed the neighbourhood. This is not a good thing folks; when people who can force change present only one side of an argument they are presenting biases and thereby messing with our quality of life.

    I found my time speaking with Mr. Lambert to be a disappointment, he is still in favour of street parking but cannot defend the reasons why, he has admitted to holding a bias but is unwilling to publically present the other side of this topic. He hides behind a claim that his approach to obtaining street parking is democratic, but in reality his methods are simply more autocratic. Be aware of this folks, contact him for his comments, and think twice about allowing street parking.

    • KGC says:

      Agreed on street parking — this is a disaster waiting to happen for all of the reasons you have stated (and probably more I can’t even think of).

      We need ‘less’ street parking in most of Milton’s new neighbourhoods and I’d love to see a crack-down on the folks parking on their driveway ‘aprons’ overhanging the sidewalk/street on either end (and of course, those that park sideways on their apron as well).

      People need to clean out their garages and start using them, get rid of one of their cars, or – god forbid – purchase an appropriate-sized home for the number of vehicles they intend to drive.

      • Editor says:

        I was always confused by the fact Mr. Lambert was campaigning on the issue of street parking, given the fact that it’s a town issue, not a regional one. I believe his focus should be on the larger issues, and street parking shouldn’t be a ‘hot-button’ item given the other issues we are all facing thanks to Milton’s growth.

        He should be focusing on the major regional routes in/out of Milton – Derry, Britannia, etc. — which it appears he is, given his recent posts on the Hawthorne Villager forums.

        I do agree with Jeff and KGC that we generally need to reduce street parking however, not allow more of it. There are many areas in Milton’s new developments where visibility is impeded at intersections because of rows of parallel-parked cars and many narrow streets have become hard to navigate given the number of cars parked on the street.

        And yes, re: parking on the driveway ‘aprons’ (and lawns), we need to crack down more on this, IMO. I’ve gone for many a walk around town with my family, having to avoid front bumpers overhanging the sidewalk or having to walk around the driveway on the road.


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