Milton school bus trapped at Main St. railway crossing

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  1. I can’t help but wonder if the construction and lane closures at that crossing had anything to do with it.

    Because Main St has been reduced to one lane there, traffic has been backing up more than usual. More than once I’ve found myself trapped on those tracks because the traffic light at Nippissing changed and the cars in front of me suddenly stopped. The crossing is wide enough that you don’t realize you’re going to be stuck until you’re already on the tracks, and if cars are right behind you as well…

    Anyway, I’d want to know a lot more details before condemning the driver.

  2. Ah… they’re saying it was travelling eastbound. There goes my theory. Never mind.

  3. Alison says:

    Here’s the funny thing… the story on CityNews (–close-call-for-a-group-of-milton-students) is slightly different than the one on the Star. They report that the train never in danger of coming through the crossing in the first place, but The Star says that it went on the track just in front of the bus (i.e. through the crossing but on a different track)

    I’m not saying that this didn’t happen, but things do seem a little fishy with the conflicting details.. but either way, I’m glad all the kids area alright! My husband and I always talk about how the traffic backs up over those tracks (we almost get caught on them every time we drive west on Main) and they need to do something to help prevent that!


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