On the Campaign Trail: The aftermath

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  1. Mike Cluett says:


    You are absolutely right that it wasnt just one form of campaigning that made the difference.

    I registered to run in January of this year because my committment to serve Milton and the people of Ward 6 was firm. The main parts of my campaign did include regular blog updates on my website to ensure that there can be a dialouge between elected officials and voters.

    But face to face contact with as many residents is what I feel made the difference. The comments I received at the door ranged from “youre the first person to come visit us” to “You again?” (meaning they have seen me more than once 🙂 ) and its that kind of personal contact that makes the difference.

    Over the next four years I will continue to make that face to face contact with as many people as possible. If there are any changes happening in the area I along with some of the other newly elected councillors will pound the pavement to get feedback and inform people of what is going on.

    Thanks to everyone who voted, no matter who they cast their ballot for, and I plan on working with EVERYONE to help make Milton more interactive with taxpayers and a better place to live.

    Thanks to MiltonSearch.com for their extensive coverage of the election, outlining the issues that were being brought forward at the doors and I think it also helped play a part in the increase of voter turnout in a lot of the wards.

    Next time Im hoping we can continue to increase voter particiapation and have that even higher in 2014.

    Thanks again and keep up the great work.


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