Election day is here!

Election Day

It’s here. Municipal election day.

After months of our coverage, it’s finally time to cast your ballot — or read up on the candidates in your ward I suppose, if  you’ve been ignoring the political goings on of late.

Indeed, judging by the insane traffic to our humble website over the past 36 hours, that’s what many Milton residents are doing. Hordes of voters are cramming for this election like it was grade ten biology exam.

However, better late than never.

I believe we’ll see an impressive voter turnout around Milton today — at least in relation to 2006, where a brutal lack of interest was shown, especially in Milton’s newer developments.

Again, judging by the visits to MiltonSearch.com, many are doing their homework — and that’s a very good sign. We’ll wait with baited breath to see the final numbers (as well as who wins, I guess, right?), but it appears democracy is still alive and well around these parts.

It should also be noted that many good, smart, talented, passionate and engaging candidates will lose this evening. After all of their hard work door-knocking, building websites, planting signs and debating the issues both online and on TV, many will end this day disappointed.

In advance of tonight’s vote, we’d like to take a second to congratulate all the candidates for taking part in the democratic process and for exposing themselves at least for a short time in hopes of serving their community. Thanks for bringing ideas to the table and for your passion and energy — thanks for caring about Milton enough to want to work towards its overall betterment.

If you haven’t already headed out to your local polling station, remember to bring a driver’s license and proof of residency (such as a utility bill) if you did not receive a voting card in the mail.

You can confirm if you are indeed on the voter’s list or not by visiting the Town of Milton’s website.

Again, good luck to all the candidates and to everyone else, please make sure to take time to vote today before polls close at 8:00pm tonight.

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