Cito’s last stand

Cito Gaston's last game in Toronto

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The Milton Sports Guy is the Sports Editor of and is a passionate (a nice word for 'long-suffering') fan of the Toronto Maple Leafs, Toronto Blue Jays, Toronto Raptors and the San Diego Padres (during their brown-clad era). His sports heroes include former Padre and Hall-of-Famer Tony Gwynn, Mats Sundin (still waiting for a capable winger or two) and of course, Dougie Gilmour and Wendel Clark of the early 90's Leafs.


  1. Don W says:

    Nice summary, Milton Sports Guy.

    Totally agree that he was great managing those World Series teams and he frustrated the hell out of me these past two years with his steadfast refusal to show any confidence in some of our key youngsters (although he was the manager who finally put Lind in there every day two years ago).

    It’s time for him to go but we should salute him.

    Here’s hoping Anthopoulos makes a good hire – I don’t think the Jays need a Torre or LaRussa but he needs to identify a manager who is good with the ‘kids’ as well as capable of managing them to the next level – he needs someone who’s going to be here long-term.

  2. Editor says:

    If Tony LaRussa is hired, they’ll have to widen all of the doors at the Rogers Centre to accommodate his head. There’s the old saying: “if you want to know how good LaRussa is, just ask him.”

  3. MSG says:

    Thanks for the comment, Don.

    Agreed – Anthopoulos needs to find a Joe Maddon type I think – a guy who is just ready to come into his own as a manager and has the skills to bring out the best in the young guys and instill confidence and then have the knowledge, experience and calmness to navigate them into the playoffs and beyond (hopefully).

    I’m interested in the idea of Ozzie Guillen if he is available. I don’t think he’s the right guy, but boy, that would be interesting…. He might be a good choice if the team acquires and develops more Latino players, but he also might play head games with some of the elder statesmen (ie. Marcum, Wells) and that wouldn’t be a good thing.

    I wanted to head down to the game tonight with my son, but it’s too late for him on a school night. I hope to God it’s not on Sportsnet One….

    Thanks for the memories, Cito.

  4. just look says:

    I’d like to see other pics of Cito- maybe one with one of his fans?


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