Tiger Jeet Singh Public School opens its doors

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  1. Diane Hon says:

    I disagree with the public school being named “Tiger Jeet Singh”, his not-so-heroic WWF entertainment wrestling name. In his own words, “…that’s my job, what I am doing in the ring; that’s not the real Tiger Jeet Singh”. But the school is not being named after him, it’s being named after his ring name. Why not name the school using his real name “Jagjit Singh Hans” for the school? Did he not donate $$$ to causes using his real name? Is his real name not the philanthropic ‘role model’ and ‘mentor’ the school wants? Is that not the name the faculty should keep playing up and defend – his real name? Obviously his ring name was/is his glory. But his professional name has attracted multicultural parents who agree with the name, probably because it’s recognizably famous… is that what they really want/meant? This point may be moot, but will they keep his WWF wrestling status secret from the kids? IMHO, boys will be interested in his WWF roughhousing and it’s freely available to point to on video websites. The school promotes “Tiger Fit”, again reference to his wrestling name (how can it be separated?), not the kind of wrestling taught in gym. For parents from his ‘homeland’, “He also does philanthropic work in his homeland”… under his ring name or real name? Wouldn’t that matter when making a decision. From what I understand, Trustees never put the 4 choices for school names out for public discussion, just an informal poll. I’m not against the man or his ideals, it’s just the reception of the image name. What’s in a name? Well, IMHO, it should be changed immediately before October 22nd, the official opening. I feel we should re-think this one.

  2. saima atif says:

    hello Im saima this school is great


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