English woman develops French-sounding accent

English woman develops French accent

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  1. Lost fan says:

    Ha ha – first thing I thought of was yes, the episode when Sun forgot how to speak English after cranking her head on the tree escaping from Fake Locke. I guess this type of condition is actually a real thing, diagnosed by a doctor not named Jack Shepherd.

    Nice website, btw. Absolutely love it. You just set a new bar for the other Milton website wannabees to match!

  2. Editor says:

    As a self-proclaimed ‘Lost’ geek, it was the first comparison I thought of — although I had to look up the episode (for shame!).

    Thank you for your kind words, our team works very hard on the upkeep of this site, not to mention the development of this new version. We hope you’ll keep coming back!


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