Proposed Milton/Mississauga boundary realignment

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  1. Doesn’t $3.3 million seem to be a steal for this land?

    This long stretch of land along the 407 will be used for business/industrial plazas down the road I would think, so there is the potential to bring in big property tax dollars there.

    Also, given the fact that Mississauga has essentially expanded as far as it can in all directions, I think they’d be willing to pay a premium to acquire some more real estate, especially along a major 400-series highway.

  2. TRafuse says:

    Have you looked at this “land” when you’re on the 407? 30% of it is marsh and only inhabited by ducks and geese. Before any of the marshes are filled I am sure the MOE will require a lengthy EA to be completed. Mississauga doesn’t need the land. There’s still to develop and the 50 story condos at Square one replace a lot of acreage in a hurry. Annexing this land will benefit Halton and Milton. Every time a new traffic light goes up on ninth line to control the 1000s of cars from Mississauga homes using it Halton and Milton will pay their share. Every time the road needs to be repaired because 1000s of Mississauga cars are using it Halton and Milton will have to pay their share. Seems like a large liability for the taxes of about 12 homes. This just makes the cost recovery of services related to roads single layer instead of it being shared by 4 governments.


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