First View of the Dark Side of the Sun

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10 iPhone Games You Must Own

From For many gamers, the iPhone is the first mobile platform with video games that are actually worth playing. The gadget's winning combination of touchscreen and motion controls

Obama gets to keep his BlackBerry

It's nice to see that President Obama is doing his part to help the economy -- of Southern Ontario that is. From The Toronto Star: President Barack Obama has won his

Worst. Oscars. Ever.

The Toronto Star Movie Critic Peter Howell kinda goes off on the ridiculousness of some of this year's Oscar nominations. agrees wholeheartedly with him on this one

Movie Reviews: January 23, 2009

Inkheart (PG), 3 stars (out of 4) When you learn Inkheart is the tale of a dad who has the magical ability to make a book's characters and events leap

Winter Emergencies: Q & A

From Surviving the winter is hard enough without a major blackout, so when the power goes out, it pays to be prepared. Some advice, in case it happens again: Q:

Why it’s good the Toronto teams are so bad

From the Toronto Star: If you agree 2008 was a bad year for Toronto's pro sports teams – and you would be correct – look at what 2009 is

'Lost' recap: The Lie

By Jeff Jensen of In season 5's second episode, the burden of the Oceanic 6's deception weighs heavily on Hurley, while Sawyer and crew find a new danger

'Lost' recap: Because You Left

By Jeff Jensen of Ben talks Jack into joining his cause, while Sayid and Hurley go on the lam, and Sawyer and the rest of those left behind

Got old paint? Take it back to store

From Disposing of batteries, other hazardous waste easier under new plan New homeowner Sarah Daly was in a quandary over where to dispose of her half-empty paint cans. She knew

Parlour tricks for modern houses

From The seldom-used front room of your home can be a stunning study or hobby headquarters Good home design takes into account the manner in which we live our

Beat the winter blahs with a shot of colour

From Do you feel like the walls are closing in on your already limited space? Why not fight the winter blues and expand your space with colour all

Mattamy Homes: Between Bricks and a hard place

It looks like the times they-are-a-changin' in Mattamy land: As new home sales slip into a deep freeze, even Canada's No.1 house builder is having to remodel Peter Gilgan shuffles

January home sales plunge 50%

From Average GTA property price falls $35,000 from last year; analysts predict tough year ahead for market The Toronto Real Estate Board yesterday reported a meagre 888 sales in

Can Apple shine with Jobs sidelined?

From Reuters: Company looks at future without its founder after CEO takes medical leave Steve Jobs became a household name as the founder and chief executive of Apple Inc., marshalling

Movie Reviews: January 16, 2009

Last Chance Harvey (PG), 3 stars (out of 4) Warm performances by leads Dustin Hoffman and Emma Thompson (both of whom landed Golden Globe nods) mean we are willing

Life Hunters Target Methane Plumes on Mars

From Methane, an organic molecule that on Earth is usually produced by life, has been found emanating from three specific regions on the surface of Mars. The regions have

Stuck Indoors?

From Today's Parent Magazine: 10 cold-weather ideas for hanging out when school is closed 1. Pyjama Day. Why get dressed if it's too gross to go anywhere? Let the kids stay

25 Years of Mac: From Boxy Beige to Silver Sleek

From It's the 25th anniversary of the Apple Macintosh, but Steve Jobs' eyes are dry. At the company headquarters in Silicon Valley, where he was presenting a set

'Lost': Five Episodes With Clues for Season 5

By Jeff Jensen of The wait is almost over. The start of Lost's fifth and penultimate season — Jan. 21, 2009, at 9 p.m., to be very exact about

Movie Reviews: January 9, 2009

Bride Wars (PG), 2.5 stars (out of 4) Bride Wars is another January love joust dedicated to the notion that even the most sensible woman turns into a Bridezilla once an

Movie Reviews: January 2, 2008

Revolutionary Road (14A), 2.5 stars (out of 4) Titanic leads Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio star in this adaptation of Richard Yates' celebrated novel. The casting is impeccable, while the art

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