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Indy's Back: New Indiana Jones among series' best

Harrison Ford returns to play the familiar role of Indiana Jones in this summer's 4th installment of the Indiana Jones franchise: The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull Not great

LOST Recap: "No Place Like Home", Part One

NUMBERS, PLEASE! Hurley can't lose those digits The Oceanic 6 present their cover story to the press but have to face their old demons; plus Ben and Locke try

Random Stats

Some facts and figures about life in Canada, compiled last month: 66,749 Number of metric tonnes of frozen poultry stored Canada. 28.3 Population per square kilometre of Brock, the GTA's most sparsely

Why your house won't sell and what to do about it

If you’re about to put up your home for sale, you must be anxious about this painful real estate market. At least, I know I would be. Clearly,

New BlackBerry sets a Bold new style

Waterloo, Ontario-based Research In Motion released information on its latest BlackBerry smartphone, its first 3G or third-generation GSM device, the Bold In an effort to prove it's more than

Milton: A quintessential middle-class community

Milton grew 71% in five years, thanks mostly to its small-town charm and low property taxes Welcome to Milton, the middle kingdom. A town that still boasts a mill

iPhone shines spotlight on Canada's wireless flaws

The recent announcement that the Apple iPhone will make its long-awaited Canadian debut later this year generated considerable excitement. While analysts focused on the bottom-line impact for Rogers

LOST Recap: "Cabin Fever"

KNIFE GUY FINISHES LAST Little John Locke chose the wrong thing in the test Last night was for us. The cultists. The obsessives. The crazies who have committed to

LOST Recap: "Something Nice Back Home"

I'll get to why I think Claire is actually a ghost in a minute — but first, a word about Alice. Alice of Alice in Wonderland fame, of course.

LOST Recap: "The Shape of Things to Come"

WHERE THERE'S SMOKEY: Ben unleashed the monster on the freighter mercenaries The future has become unknowable and unreliable — at least as far as the once great and powerful

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